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Blurry, out of focus, streaked with light and distorted. While these are adjectives you might not associate with quality photography, these are the quintessential characteristics of photography produced by toy cameras. This book showcases several photographers’ work who have used toy cameras as a medium for self expression — whether toys are their main cameras, or simply a diversion from their regular work as photojournalists or commercial photographers. First in a series of location specific photography books using toys cams, Tokyo Tokyo will feature the work of several photographers who are either from, or are shooting in Japan. While generic, commercial, travel photography based on stock has become the norm, Toy Tokyo captures the exhilaration of travel photography and life on the road, in one of the worlds most intense locations.

The first issue includes some interviews with the most iconic toy cam makers in HK and Russia.

Featured in the book is work by some of the most iconic "toy camera"/ cult photographers such as: Frederic LeBain, Takeshi Suga, Cory Lum, Taiju Fubuki, Yusuke Abico, Genqui Numata, Hodachrome, Jorge Sato, Michael Feather, Katherine Oktober Matthews, Leo Berne, Kevin Meredith, Tommy Oshima, GHST WORLD, Kevin Meredith, Rei Sato, Paolo Patrizi, Sean Lotman, Jorge Sato, Remo Camerota, Michael Lyons, Martin Cheung and Naga.Design by Cakefortiger.
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